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Link Announcing Phanfare for the iPad

We are delighted to announce Phanfare for the Apple iPad. Phanfare for the iPad lets you edit, organize and display your Phanfare photos and videos on the iPad.

Phanfare for the iPad includes full screen photo and video slideshows with your own music. Slideshows take advantage of the increased screen real estate available on the iPad relative to the iPhone, bringing down higher resolution versions.

You can create albums, import photos and videos, edit captions, crop photos and perform basic edits all from within the app. Any changes made are synched back to the service. As always, Phanfare retains both your original photos and the edited versions.

Phanfare for the iPad works even when you have no network connection. You can run the app at home, allow it to synchronize your collection wirelessly, and then bring your entire portfolio with you.

For most of our customers, photography is a leisure activity. But until now, you needed to do the “work” of organizing your photos from your home office on your laptop or desktop. With the iPad, you can sit in the living room, lean back and immerse yourself in your collection while relaxed.

Phanfare for the iPad is available immediately in the Apple App store.

iPhone Support as Well

This version also runs on the iPhone and fixes some bugs that manifested themselves under iOS 4. The version supports fast user switching under iOS 4, and the increased resolution of the Retina display on the iPhone 4.

  • Scott B.

    And still no app for blackberries, even though there are lots more of those. Great job Andrew! Not!

  • bstring

    I'll defend Andrew and agree that Blackberry OS may not be the ideal platform for a Phanfare app, but I feel for you Scott. I came to give a plug for Android. What's it going to take?

    Speaking of the iPad, I was using a friend's the other day trying to edit an album (set an album cover photo) and could not figure out how to right click. I read somewhere to use two fingers, didn't work.

  • erlichson

    You can please all the people some of the time and some of the people
    all the time…

    I strongly believe that as important as knowing what to work on, you
    have to know what not to work on. The alternative is being mediocre at
    a lot of things versus great at a few. Sorry that this decision did
    not go your way.

    Blackberrys are great devices for certain things but the phanfare app
    would not be particularly good on it. RIM is going to have serious
    problems holding on to non business users in the next five years
    unless they dramatically improve the user experience. Unlike android,
    I am extremely familiar with their products as i carried a blackberry
    for six years.

  • erlichson

    Use the iPad app. Our web client was not optimized for mobile safari.
    You cant click.

  • Craig

    Hi Andrew,
    I like what you've done with the iPad version of the Phanfare app. I do wish the video's had the option of higher quality, like they do from the web page. They appear to be more compressed and/or a bit fuzzy. The iPhone 4 can now take movies at 720p, it would be nice to see that extra focus.

    Thank you for always working to make Phanfare better,


  • bspooky

    “lots more of those” isn't really the stat to look at, but even if it was, are you sure there are *that* many more RIM devices than iOS devices? Remember, the iPod Touch and iPad can also run the Phanfare app, and I thought I just read there have been over 100 million of such devices sold? . One could argue how *most* customers who own a device use the device would be more accurate reflection of the potential market for phanfare. For instance, those who generate more web traffic on a phone may be more inclined to use a phanfare app, and in those stats, the iOS devices dwarf blackberries. Or look at the average number of apps installed as another statistic. Or the average number of apps a typical user actually uses on a daily or weekly basis. On all of these, the iOS devices and the iPhone by itself are greater than blackberries.

    Currently it appears to be a two horse race, iOS from Apple and Android from Google and their partners. Windows Mobile may make a return, I *hope* HP comes out with a strong WebOS using Palm tech (as from my limited usage of a Pre I liked the OS better than both my iPhone and blackberry), and of course there is RIM and Symbian, but so far if you are betting on the majority players of usage for the next few years, I certainly wouldn't be betting on blackberry.

  • erlichson

    yes, we are still using the iphone optimized video right now. we will try to
    bring down the better one when you are on wifi. over 3G it would be a pretty
    bad experience to try to send you the HD rendition. we will try to get this
    feature into a future release.


  • WPWoodJr

    Blah blah blah. I have a BB Storm 2 and Phanfare. Its a copout to say the user experience would not be good on a BB. Where/s the BB version! Long live BB! lol

  • WPWoodJr

    YEs, where's the BB Storm app? I like Phanfare but I'm getting tired of the baloney about BB not being a good platform for writing apps. Plenty of good apps on BB.

  • erlichson

    Many blackberry devices lack significant secondary storage and hence
    we can't cache content. It's a non starter. Plus the screens are too

    Also, this was mostly a tablet release. There are no blackberry or
    android tablets for us to even target.

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