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Link Google Needs Apple to Innovate in TV

Apparently Google is having trouble getting TV content providers and distributors on board with Google TV. No surprise there. Traditional cable companies and other players have little incentive to give up control to Google, whom they view more as a competitor than a partner. Android was accepted by incumbents precisely because the carriers and handset [...]

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Link Why the iPad 2 Might Have a 7 Inch Display

Rumor today that the next iPad will have a seven inch screen. Let’s think about that for a moment. Everybody has been wondering when the iPad will get the Retina display that the iPhone 4 has. Well, if you assume that the iPad Retina display will be constructed out of four iPhone 4 displays (2×2) [...]

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Link Droid X is a Poor Replacement for Verizon MiFi

One of the reasons I got a Droid X is that I thought it could replace my Verizon MiFi hotspot when I travel. The cost of carrying the Droid X and the cost of carrying the MiFi are within $20/month of each other. Last weekend I traveled to Durango, CO with my family and tried [...]

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Link Idea for Fixing the iPhone 4 Antenna

Let me preface this by saying that although I have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, I know very little about electricity. My degree is really in computer systems. One of the benefits of blogging is that I get to suggest untenable solutions to other people’s problems. Ok, Here goes. So the issue with the iPhone [...]

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Link My Week with Android: Action Items for Apple

My week with Android is over. I am back to my iPhone. I dropped a call on the way in to work. Good to be back. I truly believe that Apple has the better product right now. The hardware is smaller, lighter, and more attractive. The software is more intuitive, better polished and better looking. [...]

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Link Droid Day 6: Swype is great if you flour your finger

One of the major benefits of Android, according to its boosters, is that Android is open. So open in fact that you can even change the default text input method. My Droid X came with Swype, a new fangled way of entering text by drawing a path through the letters. I have been using Swype [...]

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Link Droid Day 5: The Photography Experience

I carried both my Droid X and my iPhone 4 today and shot some casual photos and videos in various lighting situations. My experiences did not break new ground relative to the review at ArsTechnica. The Droid X has significant shutter lag when compared to the iPhone 4. It is also slower to focus, does [...]

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Link Droid Day 4: Droid Does

Droid does: reset the volume on my Jawbone bluetooth headset each time I reconnect. cause the message “this disk is not readable by this computer” when plugged into my MacBook Pro. (Easily fixed by following these instructions). eat through my battery by late afternoon, unless I reboot it periodically to kill errant processes. Note that [...]

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Link Day 3 with Android: Understanding Apple

In the United States, high-end Android phones and iPhones are essentially the same price. The Droid X was $199 after rebate, and the iPhone 4 is $199. Apple made a very deliberate decision in the US to achieve that price parity. They gave an exclusive to ATT, a weaker carrier, in exchange for a whopping [...]

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Link A Week with Android: Day 2

At this point I have removed most of the Motorola widgets from my home screen of my Droid X. I have customized my home screen with weatherbug, something I could not do on the iPhone. I have downloaded Android Task Killer. I have figured out my way around the interface. It is just not as [...]

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