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Link Droid Day 4: Droid Does

Droid does:

  • reset the volume on my Jawbone bluetooth headset each time I reconnect.
  • cause the message “this disk is not readable by this computer” when plugged into my MacBook Pro. (Easily fixed by following these instructions).
  • eat through my battery by late afternoon, unless I reboot it periodically to kill errant processes. Note that running Advanced Task Killer did not fix it.
  • require that itunes purchases be upgraded to iTunes plus before synching music (yeah, I get it).
  • require you to discover the doubletwist program to sync your music. It does sort of sync, although songs from compilation albums like movies cause the album name to dupe in the library.
  • not have a built-in stop watch.
  • does not take a signature in gmail that is longer than five lines.
  • have a very quirky and annoying cursor placement on the Droid X
  • not control my whole house sound system from Request.
  • not control my iTunes connected to my Apple Airport Express, the way I play music at home into the Request.
  • have pretty cool and accurate voice-to-text built in
  • have street by street navigation that I am eager to try.
  • bring out the geek in my old friends from BlackRock. They put me on to this nifty tool from AppBrain that will keep track of which apps are installed and allow me to install apps from the web. Here’s a list of my installed apps. They also gave me instructions on rooting the phone and getting custom ROMs for it. Really.
  • hold a call on Verizon (droid x) without dropping, pretty much indefinitely.
  • perform adequately.

For me, it comes down to whether I want a small smart phone with a great user experience, good battery life (not something you could say before iPhone 4) or a slightly annoying but ultimately serviceable smart phone with very reliable voice calls and better network coverage.

I will probably switch back to the iPhone 4 this Sunday but will likely carry the Droid when I travel both as a wifi hotspot and for more reliable phone calls and service.

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