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Link Droid Day 5: The Photography Experience

I carried both my Droid X and my iPhone 4 today and shot some casual photos and videos in various lighting situations. My experiences did not break new ground relative to the review at ArsTechnica.

The Droid X has significant shutter lag when compared to the iPhone 4. It is also slower to focus, does not handle low light as well, and has strange halos when the scene is very contrasty.

When shooting an action shot of diving, even in good light, the Droid X shows distortion related the rolling shutter that it uses. The iPhone did not show any distortion in good outdoor light, even on action shots.

Video looked ok on camera in the Droid X, but unfortunately, Phanfare does not properly convert the 3gp video files that the Droid X produces so I can’t compare on the web.

Overall, the photography experience was a step back relative to the iPhone but probably about average for a typical cell phone. I have posted all the photos and videos for your perusal. The iPhone 4 photos were imported through the Phanfare app on the iPhone. The Droid X photos where brought in by saving to a dropbox account ( and then importing on my desktop via the web organizer.

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  • flojac

    Picture quality can't be compared when there's a crazy amount of settings you can change to produce the best picture for either phone. I can't speak on the iphone, but i know from playing around on the droid x that you can change the ISO and shutter speed settings. If you know how to properly set them, you can get a great picture in any situation. So I would just guess from this article that the iphone just has a better automatic setting, but wouldn't believe that the droid x couldn't take as good a photo. I'm sure this is important for those that aren't too camera savvy and need something simple to take a worryfree picture with.

  • erlichson

    These were all default settings on the droid x. I doubt that fiddling
    would have done much better in good outdoor light.

    Remember that these are typically fixed aperture lenses. So really the
    only tradeoff is between iso and shutter speed. Hard to believe that
    in bright outdoor light you can't get a decent shutter speed from the
    default iso.

    Andrew Erlichson
    Phanfare, Inc.
    84 Nassau Street
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  • flojac

    good point!
    but i also know from playing around with other cameras in general that the default settings on all cameras vary based on what the manufacturer set them to be. So maybe a little tweek in settings on one camera will give you the same image as another camera does with it's default settings. One camera I have gives me washed out looking pictures, but if I adjust it to high color, the pictures come out just as i see them.

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