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Link Introducing Fast Search

Today we introduced fast search of individual Phanfare accounts. We have long had search, but it has been fairly slow, especially within large accounts.

With our new search, you can quickly get a filtered list of albums, sections, and images that contain search terms. It’s full text search. We search all the Phanfare metadata including image captions, image filenames, album descriptions, and section descriptions. As we add metadata, we will include it.

The new search functionality is right at the top of your web organizer. It looks like this:

The Phanfare PC client and the Phanfare iPhone client also benefit from the fast search.

Fast search involves background periodic indexing of your account. Hence, it takes a little while before content you add in any given session will appear in search. The exception to that rule is the PC client, which does a local search backed up by a serviced-based search.

Phanfare web abums also benefit from fast search. The search box is in the top right hand corner under the little magnifying glass of each Phanfare site. We never emphasized it previously because frankly it was too slow to be useful on large accounts. No longer. Now it’s very speedy.

Also, it’s important to mention that our search does not return results across Phanfare accounts. With Phanfare, you have a private collection and a personal website. Each Phanfare site has its own search, and each Phanfare library has its own search.

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