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Link Nice Little Phanfare Update Out Today

We released a new version of Phanfare today that polishes out some some burrs within Phanfare.

We now properly detect and warn you when you are trying to upload photos or videos that are already uploaded. This is nice little feature. It means that when an upload fails or you need to restart it, you can just select everything again and we will sort out what remains to be uploaded.

Uploading was also made more robust. We detect a variety of errors and automatically retry. Overall, the uploading experience should be better.

Duplicate detection is implemented for the Flash (MyComputer) and Java uploader.

We also enhanced the slideshow music uploader for the Phanfare web organizer. It allows sorting and searching your current collection. Before, you needed to tediously scroll through the whole list to find stuff.

We now support music collections that are not on you main drive. This was a long-standing annoyance.

Aside from those features, we fixed a variety of other nits and bugs.

  • Shawn

    This is an awesome improvement! Since buying a iPad this week, I am even more thrilled w/ Phanfare than ever.

  • Shawn Brown

    Hi-In the last 2 weeks, I have purchased 3 iPads for family members. Two in Chicago and 1 in Boston. On the last two I had my person iPad with me in the store and showed both store associates as well as a couple of customers with them Phanfare. Particularly the associates where impressed as both where photographers as well.

    There has got to be a ways to educated more “APPLE” people on this service!

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