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Link People Tagging in Phanfare

We released People Tagging in Phanfare last week. You can label faces in your photos by pointing at them, much like in Facebook. You can enter the names directly into Phanfare or depend on your already established social graph on Facebook.

When you transfer photos from Phanfare to Facebook, the face tags are retained. On the Facebook side, the photos are tagged with the Facebook profile of the person in the photo so that Facebook’s very efficient system of notifying a person when he or she appears in a photo works as usual.

So why bother doing people tagging when Facebook already offers it? We view Facebook as being a great way to share photos and videos with your extended network. We don’t think we can do that part better.

We view Phanfare as your organizer in the sky for all your photos and videos. As such, you need good tools to organize your collection and face tagging is a terrific one.

Once your collection is on Phanfare, in full-resolution glory, we want to give you ways to use it however you please on the net. And unlike Facebook, Phanfare stores the original photos and considers you to still be the owner of your own data. Facebook, because it’s ad-supported, takes greater liberties with your data and has a terms of service that grants them a perpetual license to anything you upload.

At Phanfare, you are an owner, much like owning your blog. At Facebook, you are a renter.

Personally, I store all my photos and videos on Phanfare. I share most published albums with close friend and family (the only people who might possibly have an interest that matches my prolific production of media). Every once in a while I push some photos to Facebook to keep my larger network up to date on what’s new in our family’s life. And now when I transfer the photos, they are properly people-tagged!

  • Stephen Inoue

    Very cool that you now have face tagging! I appreciate the detailed explanation on FaceBook vs PhanFare and had no idea that FaceBook is granted a perpetual license once you upload to them. Keep the great features & explanations rolling! Hope the team gets Christmas off!

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