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Link Announcing Phanfare for Roku

We are pleased to announce that you can now display your Phanfare photos and videos on your TV via a Roku box. Phanfare appears as a channel on your Roku and you can add the channel at no cost.


On the Phanfare Roku channel, you can browse your photos and play Phanfare musical slideshows.

You don’t need to have a Phanfare account to add the Phanfare Roku channel. Any Phanfare site can be added, provided you know any needed site passwords. Hence, you can setup the Phanfare Roku channel on a friend or family member’s Roku box.

Roku is not the only way to display your Phanfare collection on your living room TV. You can also use Apple TV along with the Phanfare app running on an iOS device.

Displaying a Phanfare photo and video collection on a living room TV always ranks highly in our customer surveys and we are happy to be able to provide another conduit.

Have a Roku box? Let us know what you think of the new Phanfare channel.

  • Amy R.

    This is fantastic! I have been waiting to be able to view my albums on my Roku box! I just added the channel and the set up was quick and easy, thanks. I'm already viewing my albums. Any chance there can be a way to see a continuous slide show of random photos from all of your albums? Thanks!

  • Darryl Lee

    NO WAY!  After buying my Roku I was thinking of writing an app, but oh man, so great that I don't have to, since I'm totally lazy!!

  • Darryl Lee

    Why the change of heart? Roku's numbers are even smaller than Apple TV's. Hm, I bet somebody in the office bought one, right?

  • erlichson

    it was to answer the cries that we just a bunch of fanboys. plus, it seemed

    there was a lot of roku out there.

  • Jacques

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Problems on HD screen:

    1- 4×3 formatted pictures in portrait mode are zoomed to fill the screen, which means that the top and bottom are truncated. 4×3 pictures in portrait mode are are shown with bars on each side and are fine
    2- There is no way to control the time between pictures in slideshow mode
    3- Videos do not play

  • Michel A Gelinas

    Has any information been posted on this blog about the sale of Phanfare?

  • Guest

    Thank you!!! I am so glad you did this, I love my Roku and am not going to get Apple TV. Phanfare channel was really easy to add. But the videos do not play for me either. :(

  • Joe

    Nope – looks like a take the money and run situation

  • Jacques

    There is hope since we were told that the current owners will be working for the new owners.

  • erlichson

    The entire Phanfare team has joined Carbonite and continues to work on Phanfare.

  • erlichson

    You can google around for information that Carbonite has released via a revised S-1 statement. I made a conscious decision not to post information on our blog about the deal, but we did email customers, participate in the forums and post to facebook.

  • MAG

    Based on what I read about the deal, I agree with Jacques.

  • Jphines45

    Love my new Roku and the Phanfare channel for it. I will be purchasing another Roku box for my mother so that she can see all the pictures of her grandchildren right on her tv….thanks for adding this. Keep up the great work on the Android App, the Roku, and of course the main site which I love for my business and personal sharing.


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