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Link Announcing SnapSync

I am pleased to announce the SnapSync public beta. SnapSync synchronizes your photos across all your mobile devices. You can access them on the web, and on your computer.

SnapSync is our attempt at creating the camera of the future. The camera of the future allows you to take photos and have those photos float up to the cloud without your intervention. The camera of the future always shows you every photo you have ever taken.

On Android, SnapSync runs in the background, moving your photos up to the service as you shoot them. On iOS, due to limitations in what Apple allows, SnapSync requires you to run it to synchronize your roll. Hopefully that will change in the future.

We also have a SnapSync desktop client. That client creates a SnapSync directory on your computer that mirrors your mobile roll. When you shoot on your phone, the photos show up in your SnapSync directory. If you put a photo in your directory, it moves to your phone.

You can add multiple devices to your SnapSync account. For example, you can shoot with and Android phone and have those photos show up on your iPad.

SnapSync is free and is in beta today. It does not integrate with Phanfare yet, but that may change in the future depending on what users tell us they want.

You can signup for free at You will also be able to download and create an account from the Android and iOS apps when the latest version of those hit the respective app stores. Until then, start on the web and then download the mobile apps.

As always, tell us what you think of SnapSync.

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