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You can subscribe to the Phanfare blog to have relevant news and information delivered to you in a convenient format. If you’re new to the world of blogs and newreaders, this page will walk you through the concepts. (If you’re an old hand, just plug into your reader of choice.)

What’s a blog?

First things first. A blog is just a web site that is updated on a regular basis with short messages. You can browse the messages in different ways: by date or by topic.

What’s a newsreader?

A newsreader is a piece of software that allows you to subscribe to a blog. Once you subscribe, you no longer have to check our web site for updates. Instead, the newsreader checks for you, downloads any new messages, and notifies you of the update. Think of a newsreader as a cross between a web browser and an email client.

If all this sounds pretty simple, that’s because it is. Blogs and newsreaders are popular because they’re so simple.

Which newsreader should I use?

If you have a My Yahoo! account, then you’re already using a newsreader, maybe without even knowing it. There are a number of free newsreaders available, and all of them work well. Here’s a partial list, in no particular order:

How do I subscribe to the Phanfare blog?

You have to tell your newsreader the address of the news feed you want to read. For the Phanfare blog, use this address:

Some newsreaders allow you to subscribe to a feed just by clicking a button. See those buttons on the upper right side of this page? If you use one of the newsreaders listed on a button, just click the button to subscribe.

Still got questions?

We’ve got answers. Post any questions you have on the Phanfare forum!

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