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Link The End of Unlimited Data at ATT is Mostly a Good Thing

ATT today announced the end of unlimited data plans for wireless customers. Why did they do it? It was not about revenue. They sat around the table at ATT and asked: What’s the number one issue with customer satisfaction today? And the universal answer is network performance. How do they fix it? Well, they could [...]

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Link Amazon Announces Reduced Redundancy Storage (Hint: We don’t use it)

Amazon just announced Reduced Redundancy Storage, designed to provide 99.99% durability. We don’t use that version of Amazon S3. We use the version of Amazon S3 that provides 99.999999999% durability and can sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities. The exciting part of the news for us is not the reduced redundancy storage; [...]

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Link Announcing Phanfare’s New Web Organizer

We are pleased to announce Phanfare’s new web organizer, available immediately. Phanfare’s new web organizer (internally known as Phanfare 4.0) brings some of the best features of our desktop clients to the web browser and introduces new organizational features to the Phanfare community. Background uploading on the web. Upload photos and videos to multiple albums [...]

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Link Phanfare Price Increases

We raised our subscription prices today for new customers and renewals. The new prices reflect the value we deliver to customers and will increase our margins to the point where we can continue to invest in the business. Phanfare stores all customer photos and videos at Amazon S3 and we encourage customers to store all [...]

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Link Phanfare Subsites Explained

This Thursday we plan to remove the Phanfare Social Network, the ability to add friends, family and create groups within Phanfare (read just the bold parts of this post for the Executive Summary). We are doing this because the social network never really caught on, is a bit confusing, and requires viewers to maintain registration [...]

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Link Danger data loss give hosted services a bad name

Last week we learned that Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has lost huge amounts of customer data. Danger makes the sidekick smartphone, and they offer a service to synchronize the phone (contacts, photos, etc) to hosted servers, aka, the Cloud. The critics wanted to know “why was there no backup?” And of course then there [...]

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Link Open Questions with the Apple Tablet

I believe Apple will do a tablet computer that has a virtual keyboard. The product will have approximately a 9 inch screen, be designed to sit on a kitchen counter, have a fold out back foot that will allow it stand up like a picture frame, and also be comfortable to use on a couch. [...]

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Link Freemium did not work for Phanfare

Fred Wilson of Union Square Venture is a big proponent of the freemium business model on the internet. He recently reiterated that when it comes to delivering media on the net, freemium is a great way to go. Fred originally endorsed Freemium back in March of 2006. I have a tremendous amount of respect for [...]

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Link PC Magazine Reviews Phanfare Photon

PC Magazine reviewed Phanfare Photon. The review is quite thorough and captures the essence of what we are trying to accomplish on the mobile platform.

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Link USA Today article on Phanfare Photon

USA today covered our Phanfare Photon app in today’s print and online editions. The article talks about our belief that the iPhone is disruptive technology to the digital photography market. Phanfare Photon combines our industrial-strength cloud-based photo and video sharing service with the convenience of management and viewing of your whole collection from a mobile [...]

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