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Link Announcing SnapSync

I am pleased to announce the SnapSync public beta. SnapSync synchronizes your photos across all your mobile devices. You can access them on the web, and on your computer. SnapSync is our attempt at creating the camera of the future. The camera of the future allows you to take photos and have those photos float [...]

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Link Kodak in My Thoughts

The news of Kodak’s impending bankruptcy has stirred up thoughts of my own photographic journey. The first camera I used was my family’s Kodak Instamatic 100. It took 126 cartridges and produced square images that look a lot like Instagram images. When we visited the national parks in the late 70s, the Instamatic pretty much [...]

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Link Phanfare Android App Now Includes Musical Slideshows

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new version of the Phanfare Android app that adds album browsing to the mix of features. You can view your albums and browse through photos and videos and play musical slideshows. The Phanfare Android app also adds a sharing feature to the default photo gallery [...]

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Link Announcing Phanfare for Roku

We are pleased to announce that you can now display your Phanfare photos and videos on your TV via a Roku box. Phanfare appears as a channel on your Roku and you can add the channel at no cost. On the Phanfare Roku channel, you can browse your photos and play Phanfare musical slideshows. You [...]

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Link Announcing fbTV, Display Your Facebook Photos via Apple TV

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new Phanfare iOS app, fbTV, which will enable you to show musical slideshows of your Facebook photos on your TV through an Apple TV device. Here is how it works. You need an Apple TV attached to your TV. Purchase the fbTV app for your [...]

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Link Turn on Social Juice Within Your Phanfare Albums

You can now add Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons to your Phanfare site and albums. Your viewers can click on them to share your albums through Facebook and Twitter. The social links sends the viewer to a particular album, not a particular photo. All Phanfare security measures stay in place. Hence, if you allow [...]

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Link Announcing Feed Mom – Your Mom Will Finally See Your Facebook Photos

Here’s the problem. Your mom is not a facebook user but you are. You upload photos to facebook but she will never see them because even if you create a facebook account for your mom, she is not going to login regularly. The solution: Feed Mom, a new service from Phanfare that will automatically email [...]

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Link Phanfare Now Available for $29/year

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new tier of Phanfare service priced at $29/year. This level of service, which we just call Phanfare, offers the same great photo and video hosting with musical slideshows, your own URL at and awesome mobile support. The difference is that the $29/year version does [...]

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Link New Album Layouts

We are pleased to introduce four new album layouts today. The layouts are Collage, Filmstrip, Journal and Proofing. They are available to all customers in addition to the Hybrid view that we had previously. We wrote a summary help article on the new album layouts but I will go over some of the more obscure [...]

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Link Experiences with the TomTom GPS app for the iPhone

I have been traveling for the last week in Hawaii, using the TomTom GPS app on my iPhone 4 instead of the dedicated Garmin Nuvi our family typically uses when traveling. I have the Garmin with me, but I have not taken it out once. The TomTom app is that good. One fear I had [...]

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