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Link People Tagging in Phanfare

We released People Tagging in Phanfare last week. You can label faces in your photos by pointing at them, much like in Facebook. You can enter the names directly into Phanfare or depend on your already established social graph on Facebook. When you transfer photos from Phanfare to Facebook, the face tags are retained. On [...]

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Link Bulk Import of Photos and Videos is Back in Phanfare App Under iOS 4

We released a new version of the Phanfare app for iOS today. The big news is that you can once again bulk import photos and videos under iOS 4.x. We used to support this and then didn’t for a while because Apple asked us to remove the feature as we were using private frameworks to [...]

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Link Nice Little Phanfare Update Out Today

We released a new version of Phanfare today that polishes out some some burrs within Phanfare. We now properly detect and warn you when you are trying to upload photos or videos that are already uploaded. This is nice little feature. It means that when an upload fails or you need to restart it, you [...]

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Link Join the Phanfare Team

We are looking for a super-star technical support representative to work fulltime in our downtown Princeton, NJ office. Full job listing here. Ideal candidate already knows Phanfare in and out

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Link Smartphone Adoption Among Phanfare Customers

In our recent customer survey, 67% of Phanfare customers reported carrying a smartphone, which we defined as a sophisticated cell phone with a required data plan, like a Blackberry or iPhone, that allows you to read email and surf the web from your phone. That’s at least four times the world-wide average for smartphone adoption [...]

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Link September is Double Referral Month at Phanfare

Our standard referral program offers a 20% discount off the first year to your friends when they signup for Phanfare and the same amount to you in the form of credit. The Phanfare credit can be used on merchandise or for subscription renewals. All this month, we are doubling that offer to 40%. Hence, if [...]

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Link Introducing Fast Search

Today we introduced fast search of individual Phanfare accounts. We have long had search, but it has been fairly slow, especially within large accounts. With our new search, you can quickly get a filtered list of albums, sections, and images that contain search terms. It’s full text search. We search all the Phanfare metadata including [...]

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Link Google Needs Apple to Innovate in TV

Apparently Google is having trouble getting TV content providers and distributors on board with Google TV. No surprise there. Traditional cable companies and other players have little incentive to give up control to Google, whom they view more as a competitor than a partner. Android was accepted by incumbents precisely because the carriers and handset [...]

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Link Why the iPad 2 Might Have a 7 Inch Display

Rumor today that the next iPad will have a seven inch screen. Let’s think about that for a moment. Everybody has been wondering when the iPad will get the Retina display that the iPhone 4 has. Well, if you assume that the iPad Retina display will be constructed out of four iPhone 4 displays (2×2) [...]

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Link Idea for Fixing the iPhone 4 Antenna

Let me preface this by saying that although I have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, I know very little about electricity. My degree is really in computer systems. One of the benefits of blogging is that I get to suggest untenable solutions to other people’s problems. Ok, Here goes. So the issue with the iPhone [...]

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