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Link Quick Review of Samsung Charge and Moto Bionic

Since we write mobile software and need to test on a variety of hardware we buy a lot of phones. And I often carry two phones around, an Android device and my iPhone. Sometimes I forward my main number, which is associated with my Verizon iPhone, to my Android device. Alas, I can’t forward the [...]

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Link iPhone 4 Impressions

I have had an iPhone 4 since launch day. I upgraded from a 3GS. Overall, it’s nice upgrade over the previous version of the phone. The single best feature is the new 300 DPI Retina display. You interact with that display all the time and you never stop noticing how beautiful and sharp it is. [...]

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Link The End of Unlimited Data at ATT is Mostly a Good Thing

ATT today announced the end of unlimited data plans for wireless customers. Why did they do it? It was not about revenue. They sat around the table at ATT and asked: What’s the number one issue with customer satisfaction today? And the universal answer is network performance. How do they fix it? Well, they could [...]

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Link I love my new Verizon iPhone

I am traveling down Interstate 91 South in New Hampshire, returning from my 20th Dartmouth Reunion, enjoying pretty decent data access on my iPhone 3G, even though there is zero ATT service on this stretch of the road. I am getting a few hundred kilobits/second. Ok, there is one small detail I a left out. [...]

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Link Google releases sync, makes it possible for us to move to Google Apps, ditch Windows

Google announced wireless syncing support for the iPhone through ActiveSync, which makes googles calendar, email and address book look like an exchange server from the standpoint of the iPhone. This is significant and here is why. We use iPhones and we want wireless sync. Until now, there were two solutions for this: MobileMe and Microsoft [...]

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Link Phanfare iPhone app now wirelessly synchronizes all your stuff

We are thrilled to announce a new version of the Phanfare iPhone app that improves upon the viewing experience by wirelessly synchronizing and caching your recent albums right on the phone. The viewing experience is buttery smooth, includes videos, and works (for photos) even when the iPhone is in airplane mode. New photos you take [...]

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Link iPhone vs. Blackberry, Part II

Just about a year go, I wrote about whether my first generation iPhone could replace my Blackberry. My conclusion at the time was no. Now one year later, I have taken the plunge and moved my 11-year Verizon number to my new 3G iPhone. I did it because I love photography and the new Phanfare [...]

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Link Import from Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak and Picasa Web Albums

We just released a new version of Phanfare that enables more inputs and outputs so you can access your media any way you want on any device you want. Import from Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak, and Picasa web albums directly into your Phanfare account. Export from iPhoto to the Phanfare service using our new iPhoto plugin. [...]

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Link Phanfare for the iPhone

We are happy to announce that we have developed a camera application for the new iPhone store that allows users to share iPhone photos on the web with a single click. The photos are moved wirelessly to the internet where they are immediately visible to friends and family and archivally stored. We have also released [...]

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Link Good Consumer Apps Don’t Expose the Filesystem

Consumer apps are moving to the cloud. No news there, we all know it. One unifying characteristic of well designed cloud-based applications is that they don’t expose the file system to the user. Do you think about the file system on Gmail? What about when you are using Google Docs? The computer filesystem is an [...]

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