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Link Phanfare Photon now shows all your stuff

A new version of Phanfare Photon, our industrial-strength photo and video sharing solution for the iPhone, is out today. New features in include: Delete an album by swiping across it Hidden images are shown with an hidden-indicator in thumbs view Upload progress of each image is shown underneath the thumb using the same little blue [...]

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Link Import from Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak and Picasa Web Albums

We just released a new version of Phanfare that enables more inputs and outputs so you can access your media any way you want on any device you want. Import from Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak, and Picasa web albums directly into your Phanfare account. Export from iPhoto to the Phanfare service using our new iPhoto plugin. [...]

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Link Preview of iPhoto plugin for Phanfare

For all you Apple iPhoto users out there, we are happy to announce direct support for iPhoto through a plugin that will put Phanfare in the export menu of your iPhoto application. This is a preview release intended to help us iron out any issues before we more widely advertise the iPhoto plugin in the [...]

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