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Link Phanfare Now Available for $29/year

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new tier of Phanfare service priced at $29/year. This level of service, which we just call Phanfare, offers the same great photo and video hosting with musical slideshows, your own URL at and awesome mobile support. The difference is that the $29/year version does [...]

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Link September is Double Referral Month at Phanfare

Our standard referral program offers a 20% discount off the first year to your friends when they signup for Phanfare and the same amount to you in the form of credit. The Phanfare credit can be used on merchandise or for subscription renewals. All this month, we are doubling that offer to 40%. Hence, if [...]

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Link Introducing Fast Search

Today we introduced fast search of individual Phanfare accounts. We have long had search, but it has been fairly slow, especially within large accounts. With our new search, you can quickly get a filtered list of albums, sections, and images that contain search terms. It’s full text search. We search all the Phanfare metadata including [...]

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Link Phanfare Reaches Profitability

To our customers, I am delighted to announce that Phanfare has reached profitability. We had our first profitable month ever in June 2010 and will continue to be profitable going forward on both a cash and accrual basis. This is a significant accomplishment for the company and I am incredibly proud of our team for [...]

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Link Phanfare Price Increases

We raised our subscription prices today for new customers and renewals. The new prices reflect the value we deliver to customers and will increase our margins to the point where we can continue to invest in the business. Phanfare stores all customer photos and videos at Amazon S3 and we encourage customers to store all [...]

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Link Phanfare iPhone app is now available

I am happy to announce that the Phanfare iPhone app is now available. The Phanfare iPhone app turns your iPhone into a wireless camera. The convenience of being able to shoot photos with a device that is nearly always in your pocket and have them incorporated seamlessly into your permanent online photos albums is hard [...]

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Link Phanfare for the iPhone

We are happy to announce that we have developed a camera application for the new iPhone store that allows users to share iPhone photos on the web with a single click. The photos are moved wirelessly to the internet where they are immediately visible to friends and family and archivally stored. We have also released [...]

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Link Open public albums are back!

By popular demand, we have put open public albums back into the Phanfare service in a release that went out today. This means that you can publish your albums for all to see at a URL that you can send via email or put on a web page. We did this as a result of [...]

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Link The Golden Age of Hosted Services

When Mark Heinrich and I started our last company in 1999 we rented space and a network drop at Exodus data center in Jersey City. We bought servers, racked them, and installed a bunch of equipment at the office, including a phone switch and an email server. At the time, most small businesses without engineers [...]

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Link The Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card is a huge step forward

We all know that in the future you will take photos and videos and they will wirelessly float up to the net, but camera manufacturers have failed to deliver a compelling product in the category that works with a wide variety of online services. I have been using the recently announced Eye-Fi card on and [...]

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