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Link New Album Layouts

We are pleased to introduce four new album layouts today. The layouts are Collage, Filmstrip, Journal and Proofing. They are available to all customers in addition to the Hybrid view that we had previously. We wrote a summary help article on the new album layouts but I will go over some of the more obscure [...]

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Link Nice Little Phanfare Update Out Today

We released a new version of Phanfare today that polishes out some some burrs within Phanfare. We now properly detect and warn you when you are trying to upload photos or videos that are already uploaded. This is nice little feature. It means that when an upload fails or you need to restart it, you [...]

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Link HD Video for All

We are pleased to announce that we have changed our pricing plans to now offer HD video to all customers, a feature previously offered only to Phanfare Pro customers. Here is a full summary of the additional features now being offered to our Phanfare Premium customers: HD Video. Display your videos on the web in [...]

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Link Announcing Phanfare’s New Web Organizer

We are pleased to announce Phanfare’s new web organizer, available immediately. Phanfare’s new web organizer (internally known as Phanfare 4.0) brings some of the best features of our desktop clients to the web browser and introduces new organizational features to the Phanfare community. Background uploading on the web. Upload photos and videos to multiple albums [...]

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Link Freemium did not work for Phanfare

Fred Wilson of Union Square Venture is a big proponent of the freemium business model on the internet. He recently reiterated that when it comes to delivering media on the net, freemium is a great way to go. Fred originally endorsed Freemium back in March of 2006. I have a tremendous amount of respect for [...]

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Link Send photos from Phanfare to facebook on your iPhone

You can now send photos directly to facebook from your Phanfare account using Phanfare Photon on the iPhone. This facility mirrors the feature for facebook transfer already available on the web. How it works Launch Phanfare Photon on the iPhone, navigate to any album in your whole collection, then click on the send-to-facebook button. You [...]

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Link Phanfare Photon now shows all your stuff

A new version of Phanfare Photon, our industrial-strength photo and video sharing solution for the iPhone, is out today. New features in include: Delete an album by swiping across it Hidden images are shown with an hidden-indicator in thumbs view Upload progress of each image is shown underneath the thumb using the same little blue [...]

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Link Geotagging comes to Phanfare

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Geotagging support within Phanfare so that you know where photos were taken. Phanfare records the GPS coordinates of any photo with GPS information in the EXIF header. The process is fully automatic and compatible with cameras that support geotagging of images (such as the iPhone) and with [...]

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Link Show Phanfare Slideshows on your Living Room TV

I am excited to announce the availability of the Phanfare Media Server for Phanfare 2.0, a small program that runs on your PC to publish your Phanfare photos within your home network. The new Playstation III supports UPnP viewing of your photos, as does the Xbox 360. There is also a digital picture frame on [...]

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Link Improvements to Phanfare Web Client (and more)

We released some new features today. The most significant portion of this release is a new web client for managing your photos and videos. In addition to a complete re-write of the user interface to adjust to screen resolutions, show a lot more thumbnails and better enable image transforms, new functionality has been added to [...]

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