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Link Google App Engine vs. Amazon Web Services

We use Amazon’s S3 storage service here at Phanfare and love it. I especially like that while we are leveraging Amazon’s cost position and development budget, we could probably swap out the service for a competitive service or our own service if we really had to. Google’s new App Engine offering, which gives you a [...]

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Link The Golden Age of Hosted Services

When Mark Heinrich and I started our last company in 1999 we rented space and a network drop at Exodus data center in Jersey City. We bought servers, racked them, and installed a bunch of equipment at the office, including a phone switch and an email server. At the time, most small businesses without engineers [...]

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Link Phanfare now backing up photos and videos to Amazon S3

I am happy to announce that we have moved our backups to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, known as S3. All current backups go to S3 and we are copying over historical data. We currently have about 20 terabytes at Amazon and will have about 40 terabytes when all the data is moved over. We also [...]

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