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Link Freemium did not work for Phanfare

Fred Wilson of Union Square Venture is a big proponent of the freemium business model on the internet. He recently reiterated that when it comes to delivering media on the net, freemium is a great way to go. Fred originally endorsed Freemium back in March of 2006. I have a tremendous amount of respect for [...]

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Link Send photos from Phanfare to facebook on your iPhone

You can now send photos directly to facebook from your Phanfare account using Phanfare Photon on the iPhone. This facility mirrors the feature for facebook transfer already available on the web. How it works Launch Phanfare Photon on the iPhone, navigate to any album in your whole collection, then click on the send-to-facebook button. You [...]

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Link Import from Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak and Picasa Web Albums

We just released a new version of Phanfare that enables more inputs and outputs so you can access your media any way you want on any device you want. Import from Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak, and Picasa web albums directly into your Phanfare account. Export from iPhoto to the Phanfare service using our new iPhoto plugin. [...]

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Link Show Phanfare Slideshows on your Living Room TV

I am excited to announce the availability of the Phanfare Media Server for Phanfare 2.0, a small program that runs on your PC to publish your Phanfare photos within your home network. The new Playstation III supports UPnP viewing of your photos, as does the Xbox 360. There is also a digital picture frame on [...]

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Link Phanfare facebook app

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Phanfare facebook app. Once you install the app within your facebook account you can Show your Phanfare photos and video albums to your facebook friends. Choose whether to show your Phanfare friend content and/or your Phanfare family content. Have your recent albums appear on your facebook [...]

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Link The Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card is a huge step forward

We all know that in the future you will take photos and videos and they will wirelessly float up to the net, but camera manufacturers have failed to deliver a compelling product in the category that works with a wide variety of online services. I have been using the recently announced Eye-Fi card on and [...]

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Link Phanfare now backing up photos and videos to Amazon S3

I am happy to announce that we have moved our backups to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, known as S3. All current backups go to S3 and we are copying over historical data. We currently have about 20 terabytes at Amazon and will have about 40 terabytes when all the data is moved over. We also [...]

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Link Goodbye Yahoo Photos

As avid techcrunch readers know, Yahoo Photos is closing. This does not surprise me much. I know this business pretty well. Yahoo photos was a Shutterfly-Ofoto-Snapfish clone. They let you share your photos for “free,” where free meant that you could not get back to your fullsize images unless you bought them back on paper. [...]

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Link Web 3.0?

We reached a major milestone last week as we updated the PC version of the Phanfare client to run offline or disconnected, without a network connection. You can start and run Phanfare in a place with no connectivity and organize, import and access your videos and photos. When you next connect to a network, Phanfare [...]

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Link Apple TV – Early Impressions

My Apple TV came yesterday. I missed the Fedex delivery so had to drive to the Fedex distribution center to get my package. I could have waited until Monday, but you know how it is with new Apple hardware. 2 days is a long time. For those who don’t hang on Apple’s every word, Apple [...]

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