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Link Phanfare for the iPhone

We are happy to announce that we have developed a camera application for the new iPhone store that allows users to share iPhone photos on the web with a single click. The photos are moved wirelessly to the internet where they are immediately visible to friends and family and archivally stored. We have also released [...]

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Link Show Phanfare Slideshows on your Living Room TV

I am excited to announce the availability of the Phanfare Media Server for Phanfare 2.0, a small program that runs on your PC to publish your Phanfare photos within your home network. The new Playstation III supports UPnP viewing of your photos, as does the Xbox 360. There is also a digital picture frame on [...]

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Link The Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card is a huge step forward

We all know that in the future you will take photos and videos and they will wirelessly float up to the net, but camera manufacturers have failed to deliver a compelling product in the category that works with a wide variety of online services. I have been using the recently announced Eye-Fi card on and [...]

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